We’re all about the story of each strain, and the needs and tastes of each medical patient and adult-use enthusiast. Thanks for smoking, vaping and dabbing with us.

Strane cannabis Sativa Tropicanna Haze flower product packaging and green and purple Cannabis bud with orange hairs



Even with all of the wax, shatter, oil and other products on the market – yes, we have some good ones, too – there’s nothing more classic than flower. In case you’re picturing a tulip or a daffodil, we mean that furry, smelly stuff that makes you feel good.

Strane 510 strain-specific THC oil cartridge packaging with and without battery and product



When the art of growing quality flower meets the science of producing premium extracts, oil is one of the magical results. Strane’s 510 oil cartridges, with or without the battery, are all strain-specific and celebrate the essence of the plant itself.

Strane sativa cantaloupe haze concentrate packaging and wax



For the veteran medical patients and experienced adult-use consumers out there, Strane concentrates are potent alternatives to flower. What starts with a seed, goes through the lab and ends up in a dab rig on a nightstand near you.

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