The journey of a single strain starts before we ever plant a seed.

The lineage of some strains goes back centuries. But breeders are constantly creating something new.

We scour the industry, meeting the most cutting-edge breeders and finding the most compelling strains.

Seeds are planted for a “pheno hunt” and only the best one survives. Testing occurs for taste, yield, strength and more.

Cuttings are propagated (into more plants) and lovingly cultivated for an average of 56 days.

Now we go from grow time to show time. Plants are cut, hung, dried, bucked (removing flower from stems) and cured — unless they’re used for live concentrates.

FLOWER POWER It wouldn’t be cannabis without good old fuzzy, pungent flower. This could be the point where we go from plant to rolling paper – or however you like to stop and taste your flower.


For plants destined to be concentrates, some of best lab pros in the country turn plump buds into a wide range of formats to suit your needs and style.

Oil? Wax? Shatter? Other? In general, the answer is yes.

The last part of the journey is when it comes to you. Pick it up, fire it up and feel the connection.

SIGNATURE STRANE Strane oils and concentrates come to life by extracting a broad spectrum of terpenes, while maintaining high levels of cannabinoids. The results are cartridges, PAX Pods and more to keep you vaping and dabbing in style.


SWEET STRANE LIVE All Strane products are special, but Strane LIVE stands for *extra* special. Live resin extracts are used to produce oils and concentrates that bring the plant to its highest potential — and please even the most discerning cannasseur.


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