Strane LIVE makes good on the promise of its name. Live extracts become premium, terpene-forward products for consumers who know the difference. What’s so special about Strane LIVE vapes and concentrates?

Strane LIVE's 510-thread cannabis vape cartridge packaging with battery and without and product



If you’re new to the world of live…congratulations, you’ve arrived. Strane LIVE’s 510 Cartridges are more terpene-forward than their cured counterparts. But you can’t go wrong either way.

Strane LIVE sativa cantaloupe haze concentrate packaging



Depending on the market, Strane LIVE Concentrates may include: oil, wax, shatter, diamonds and more. Made for great taste and high tolerance, all of these formats have a few things in common: tasty terpenes and premium relief.

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